Ayda Makou

Business Development Manager

Address: C.L.A. Title Headquarters, 9210 Corporate Blvd #150 Rockville MD 20850 USA

About Ayda Makou

Graduated with a business and economics degree from the University of Maryland with a minor in international development. Has been in the real estate and lending industry for 4 years and has 7 years of customer service experience. She is passionate about delivering exceptional customer service to her clients. Her successful close relationships with every client is based on her warm and friendly nature and her ability to connect and build relationships with others.

She is the point of contact and source for any marketing,event, and social related activities for the company.



As an Independent Settlement Agent (English and Spanish closer) I had the wonderful opportunity to work with C.L.A. Title and Escrow Company that has a high level of responsibility and professionalism, and for that I highly recommend them for your next Real estate transaction.

Margaret Reyes



I have closed 30-35 purchases/refis here last year and every single one went without a hitch. Inexpensive and always a smooth process. Highly reocmended!

Kent Ege

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